Nicholas Pryke, clients
Designer of retail spaces, bar and restaurant interiors, contemporary furniture and architectural installations

Nicholas Pryke
309a Lee High Road
SE12 8RU

t: 07791 579215

Public bodies
County and district council's: Bedford, Cherwell, Oxfordshire, Kesteven Wales, Maidstone, Nottingham, Hertfordshire
Other: Eastern Arts Board, Design Council, National Museum of wales

Architectural clients
YRM, Apicella Architects, Austin Smith Lord, Benoy Architects, Burrell Foley Fisher Architects, Circle Design Consultants, David Hicks, Derek Latham & Co Architects, Dyer Brown Associates, Forge Design & Construct Ltd, Gordon Lindsay, Harper Mackay, Mary Fox Linton Interiors, Morey Smith Associates, Ridge Architects

Alfred Dunhill, Burmah Castrol plc, City Screen Ltd, CDP Advertising, RAC, Lego Media, Moving Picture Company, Orange Personal Communications plc, Simon Olswang Solicitors, Sony Music, Symonds Group, The Osbourne Group, Stage Magazine, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Virgin Brides Ltd, The Oxford Playhouse, Nokia, Lombard Street, Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Birmingham)

American Retro (London), Geoffrey Drayton, Harrods, Heal's, Jerry's Home store, Liberty's, Muji, New Rooms, Purves & Purves, The Holding Company, The Home, Paula Pryke, Woodhams, Central (Oxford), Table Works (Nottingham), Nice House (Glasgow)

Nicholas Pryke, 07791 579215
Specialist in the design and build of contemporary furniture, bar interiors, retail
spaces, restaurants & commercial interiors